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Prada Replica Handbags

Welcome to Prada 2.0! This high fashion brand has been experimenting with a lot of new designs and we’re finally seeing the fruit of their labor. Their Spring Summer 2018 Runway is quit interesting because it’s packed with a lot of gorgeous Prada Replica Handbags. They have created new bags and also added a few twist to make them distinctive and intriguing. We’ve observed and picked out the best of the best, let’s talk about that.

Another flap bag is set to steal a lot of hearts, meet the new Prada Studded Bag. This beautiful thing will be released in the next season, but for now, let’s just glance and drool over it.

This bag is crafted in squared and boxy shape and it’s made in leather. Every piece of this object is exciting, like the unique-designed envelope-shaped front flap. However, all the attention is focused in the center because the lock is so shiny and sophisticated.

The center lock is first embellished with large pyramid studs in shiny hardware. The studs are stitched on the belt strap. Then it’s refined with the Prada logo. This bag can be worn on your shoulder or cross body. The leather strap is also studded and it can be detached. What I also like about this bag is the option to choose colorful shades.

Belt, belt, belt. Recently, Prada has been obsessed with belt and ribbons. They have been adding these two components in a lot of new handbags. Take for example the Cahier Bag and the Ribbon Bag.

For the next season, be prepared for this unique Belt Bag but there is no worry because Prada is good at making tote bag. And if you are fan of Prada, you will instantly recognize the new Prada logo in the center top. This logo is made in leather patches and they’re stitched. But what’s unique about it, is that it’s mirrored from the signature Prada logo which also features the pyramid stud.

This bag is made with an extra long belt strap as an extension of the handle. The belt strap is designed in bi-color and finished with different-shaped studs. What’s more, the bag itself is also available in bi-color. The shades of the body and the leather handles are separated.